Because the interest in hybrid vehicles boosts the question everybody really wants to know is “what’s new for 2011?” The greatest buzz for the coming year may be the Lithium Ion Battery Technology. Asian auto makers for example Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai have labored diligently to transform the way forward for hybrid technology. The solution lies within Lithium Ion Batteries. The problems that auto manufacturers confronted with conventional batteries revolved around the existence of the fully billed battery. Another problem was the dimensions, insufficient power, and expense. Lithium batteries pack more power and traverses traditional batteries available on the market. Since Toyota has offered more than one million hybrids worldwide the organization will concentrate on reducing the price of their hybrid vehicles by one-half based on Toyota’s president.

Hyundai has had charge using their 2011 hybrid Sonata. All of this new hybrid can operate on an motor unit, the standard gasoline combustion engine, or a mix of both. Probably the most innovative concept for this vehicle may be the Sonata’s Blue Drive System. This technique utilizes a compact six speed transmission that does not need a torque ripper tools. This model is outfitted having a modified starter generator, low friction oil pump, motor unit, and lithium polymer battery technology.

The following factor to expect to is full-sized 2011 hybrids. Most hybrids up to now happen to be from the compact persuasion. The Toyota Prius is most likely typically the most popular in the class, however when the first is accustomed to a complete size vehicle a Prius might not fill their expectations. Many functions and features developing full-sized SUV’s with hybrid technology. This gives the customer an advantage that didn’t exist when looking for an energy efficient full-sized vehicle. The issue requested is “will the entire size hybrids have a similar power and gratifaction because the combustion engine models?” The long run looks promising, but can be. Because the new trend of hybrids hit the road this year the brand new features and fashions will turn a mind or more.

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