Types Of Digital Content For Social Networks And Web

The contents in the digital world are the way brands express themselves, as they talk to their audience. This expression is reflected in the different channels that the brand owns, in which it dialogues and interacts with its users using different types of digital content.


An infographic is a graph that contains information in schematic text and with graphic elements that facilitate its reading and understanding. It is very useful to get attention and provide information at a time when it is difficult for us to read long texts, and to circumvent the 20% limit of text in Facebook ads.

Contents In Videos

The video content is still really attractive to the public, and as it shows, there goes a couple of data:

In the United States, YouTube has more views than all the country’s television channels together. The engagement generated by a video is 5 times higher than that generated by an image.   We devour videos with passion and, therefore, it is a great way to bring interesting and valuable content to your audience.

Contents For Blogs

For those who do not know the term yet, a blog is a web page designed to host content written as a newspaper, a kind of “logbook” of the technological era. Blogs are very useful to position our company website in Google searches since these are updates with text that the search engine “rates” favorably (for this, we must have the blog hosted on our website and use a good SEO copywriting). You must also consider the Google adwords price (ราคา google adwords which is the term in Thai).

Free Reports

Content marketing has been incorporated into the commercial department to set aside aggressive commercial campaigns. It is the “soft power” that moved to the world of marketing.


You are an expert in your business area, why not spread your knowledge? A webinar is an online seminar where you can offer talks as a speaker and invite people to participate in it.


A server is proportional to a computer that is tasked with providing data to the other computers connected to it. The data can be served on a local network area, also known as LAN or to a wide area network also known as a wan, over the internet. There are many types of existing servers today:

  1. web servers
  2. mail servers
  3. files servers

Each of these server’s work on a specific type of server as a specific type. For instance, a web server may run on an apace HTTP server or a Microsoft IIS. Both the options providing cases to websites on the on the internet. While each software is specific to a server type the hardware, choice isn’t important. This is because of the fact that even a desktop computer can be converted into a server by adding the necessary software components.

What is better – server renting or buying?

While is a considerable amount of crowd that believes in buying g their own servers. However, renting a server is also a very viable option. Of course, this is appropriate for customers with the knowledge of how to set it up and have big investment facility. These are the following reasons why renting a server seems like a better choice:

  1. Maintenance: server maintenance is a very time-consuming job. By renting it, one can save a large of that time as all of the maintenance is already taken care of by the provider and it is often much faster than what a customer manages to set up.
  2. Cost: servers cost buying a server is much more as compared to simply renting one. Moreover, if a server is bought there are additional expenses for setting up the and upgrading the hardware and software’s for it.
  3. Reliability: rental server is a remarkable choice on that reliability scale. Because for a personally bought server the owner has a lot of responsibility on its maintenance and to fix it from time to time. Hosting companies who rent out these servers have the task of its maintenance riding the customer from the ordeal.

4, responsibility: if the customer decides to rent a server [เช่า server, which is the term in Thai] all of the responsibility falls on the company about the maintenance and problems. This saves precious time and money on the user’s side.

Rented a server on a reputed platform

Kirz is a Thai based company that excels in providing services such as firewall networks, wan networks, and cloud platforms. They have a dedicated server services [บริการ dedicated server, which is the term in Thai] which are not only faster but allows the user to do much more as compared to another server on the market. Make sure to check their website for more information.

What is Bitcoin hosting? A brief introduction

Bitcoin hosting is simply hiring a company or a firm to make your bitcoin-based transactions. You can use Bitcoin easily with them acting as a mediator.

How Bitcoin works?

With the rise in the use and knowledge of bitcoin, it became exceedingly important for people to understand the concept that runs Bitcoin and how it actually works from the inside out. There can also be chances wherein you don’t understand the algorithm of the same because it can be quite tough for some people.

This is when the hosting companies play in. They make a user based interface for the use of Bitcoin that you can use even if you’re not well versed with the concept or if you have no information about how the technical stuff happens. You only have to focus on the transactions and not about how it is exactly going to take place.

Once that you’re clear with this, using Bitcoin can be the simplest thing that you’ve ever had to do. From your bitcoin host, you can want many things and many problems to be addressed. You have to ensure that you have talked about those things and that you’re clear about what your host can actually do for you and what is his extent.

How to use Bitcoin?

You have to choose your bitcoin host in the choicest manner so that you end up with someone that is equally good as they claim and somebody who meets and exceeds your expectations. You can look up for the various names online for Bitcoin hosting that you may find. Then, you should ensure that you’ve studied them carefully based on all of your parameters.

Analyze them and then ensure that the one that you’re choosing has met customers brief before. Having a host with a lot of prior experience and values can be very beneficial and can help you with these whole things revolving about.

Once you’re clear with that, everything else will seem like a cakewalk and the only thing you’d have to do would be to make your transactions and think about Bitcoin hosting in a better way.

True Move is the second largest operator:

True Move is the second largest operator and service provider in Thailand. It was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It has thousands of users across whole Thailand. They have multiple booths in different airports of Thailand providing quick services to the international tourists landing in Thailand. It provides 3G and 4G LTE. A user can choose from prepaid and postpaid plans. Both of them have their own pros and cons. If you’re a student with a limited pocket money, you would probably go with a prepaid plan but if you’re a businessman who has to make a lot of calls in a day, you would prefer the postpaid plan. You can also apply for Unlimited TRUE Internet package [เน็ตทรูไม่ลดสปี, which is the term in Thai]. 

Packages and services that True Move offers:

True Move offers a wide range of internet, SMS, and call packages. Apart from these, True Move also offers top ups and Wi-Fi. You can access Wi-Fi using your True Move sim wherever it is provided. You will have enough internet access to carry out your daily internet needs. The coverage is great in cities and towns but may experience some lags in rural areas. If you’re a person who is active on social media and in the digital world, True Move will cater your needs.

Unlimited TRUE internet package

You can enjoy free non-stop internet every day. It starts from 29 baht per sim. Speeds ranges from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps and the internet packages prices ranges from 120 baht to 650 baht. Unlimited Mbs are provided in several packages that ensures uninterrupted internet access. If you’re a social person who needs 24/7 internet access, True Move will cater all your needs. You can apply for Unlimited TRUE Internet package. Fast speed ensures that no lags are present, and the affordable prices don’t stress your wallet. True Move should be your priority if you want the above mentioned benefits.