Almost every one of us would have an Instagram account. People who use it for fun and entertainment would not know the difference the platform could make to the revenue of the businesses out there and the income of the influencers. Businesses can increase their revenues by increasing their followers’ count on the platform and taking their products or services to all of them at once. Individuals can wait until they could accumulate thousands of followers and can act as the promoters for these businesses to make money. If you notice both cases, you can get to know that the number of followers an account has played a major role in revenue generation. So, almost everyone would look to increase the follower base in the long run. However, most of them do not know how to increase Instagram followers. If you are one of them, you should know that you can buy these followers from an online entity or you can wait for a long time building on your own. The second method is traditional but too difficult. Let us discuss the necessities of buying followers or difficulties in building it organically in brief.

Necessities of buying followers or difficulties of developing organic follower-base

You can consider the following as the difficulties you would face if you set yourself to develop the follower-base organically.

Delayed process – Acquisition of followers is not an easy task that goes off within a few days. You would have to maintain your account with quality content for several weeks to get some attention from the users. Although you do this, you could not be assured that you will see an increase in the number of followers. As you could not say whether you will get that many followers or not, it is better not to waste time waiting for it.

Skill-based – Maintaining a social media account is also a skill that only a few will have. You should know to create content that will resonate with the interests of your followers. If no one is interested in your content, they will not follow your profile. Hence, you would have to struggle a lot if you do not have the basic skills of content creation and account management.

Relationship maintenance – Another major difficulty in the maintenance of a social account with the hope of increased followers is the continuous necessity for engagement with your audience. Whenever they comment on your post, you should be available to respond and it will be tedious for a business person or a busy individual.

Loss of energy – If you sit to manage your social account after your working hours, you will get drained with these activities. So, it is better to buy followers and put little effort into your content and account maintenance alone.

Networking processes – As your profile should reach as many people as possible to convert them into your followers, you should know the networking tactics and should implement them without any hesitation for a long time.

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