A server is proportional to a computer that is tasked with providing data to the other computers connected to it. The data can be served on a local network area, also known as LAN or to a wide area network also known as a wan, over the internet. There are many types of existing servers today:

  1. web servers
  2. mail servers
  3. files servers

Each of these server’s work on a specific type of server as a specific type. For instance, a web server may run on an apace HTTP server or a Microsoft IIS. Both the options providing cases to websites on the on the internet. While each software is specific to a server type the hardware, choice isn’t important. This is because of the fact that even a desktop computer can be converted into a server by adding the necessary software components.

What is better – server renting or buying?

While is a considerable amount of crowd that believes in buying g their own servers. However, renting a server is also a very viable option. Of course, this is appropriate for customers with the knowledge of how to set it up and have big investment facility. These are the following reasons why renting a server seems like a better choice:

  1. Maintenance: server maintenance is a very time-consuming job. By renting it, one can save a large of that time as all of the maintenance is already taken care of by the provider and it is often much faster than what a customer manages to set up.
  2. Cost: servers cost buying a server is much more as compared to simply renting one. Moreover, if a server is bought there are additional expenses for setting up the and upgrading the hardware and software’s for it.
  3. Reliability: rental server is a remarkable choice on that reliability scale. Because for a personally bought server the owner has a lot of responsibility on its maintenance and to fix it from time to time. Hosting companies who rent out these servers have the task of its maintenance riding the customer from the ordeal.

4, responsibility: if the customer decides to rent a server [เช่า server, which is the term in Thai] all of the responsibility falls on the company about the maintenance and problems. This saves precious time and money on the user’s side.

Rented a server on a reputed platform

Kirz is a Thai based company that excels in providing services such as firewall networks, wan networks, and cloud platforms. They have a dedicated server services [บริการ dedicated server, which is the term in Thai] which are not only faster but allows the user to do much more as compared to another server on the market. Make sure to check their website for more information.

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