With the popularization of smartphones, many entrepreneurs ignore photography techniques and already want to jump straight into the editing part of product images — after all, point the camera and take the picture, right? Wrong.

It’s true, having a camera in your pocket is handy, but be aware that editing starts with a well-taken photo. The better the click, the fewer adjustments you’ll need to make in the next step to appreciate your product’s benefits.

There are three basic steps you must master to take a proper photo and promote your product. Check it out!

Enjoy The Devices That Are Within Your Reach

You don’t need to buy a state-of-the-art camera or switch phones to start taking photos of your products. Of course, camera quality helps, but that’s not all. Before compromising your budget, focus on mastering basic photography techniques.

So, first, learn to use the devices you have at your disposal. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your cell phone camera? To find out this information, you can browse consumer communities and product review channels on the internet.

So, if your camera has good resolution but distorts some color tones, you already know that you should pay attention to this detail when working on the image. If the problem is with the lighting, you can invest intelligently in other equipment, such as the ring light and the white box.

Prepare Your Photography Environment

The materials needed for your product photoshoot may vary depending on what you want to sell. However, if you are starting and need an efficient and affordable solution to take quality photos, you will only need a light source and a white box, in addition to the camera, of course.

For lighting, you can use the famous ring lights, which are LED light rings. You can easily find them on the internet and in popular centers. You can even make your ring light with a sheet of cardboard and light strips if the idea is to maximize your resources.

This also goes for the white box or lightbox. With this object, which could be a box covered with white TNT, you’ll be able to create an infinite background effect, highlight important details and create more editing options. Do you know the green background of movies full of special effects? Well, the idea is similar here. A much-ignored but equally important object is the tripod. Yes, what’s the point of having nice lighting if the photo is blurry and the light casts shadows in the background? So don’t forget to install tripods or brackets that will ensure the stability of the light source and camera when clicking.

Explore All Angles

Finally, when it’s time to get your hands dirty and start clicking your products, try every possible position to ensure you capture the best angles of each product. Don’t forget editing the picture like in https://iphotoalternative.com/best-aperture-alternatives-mac-users/ for instance to give it a perfect look.

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