In the world of technology, now there are enormous companies that come in the market, which provides the advanced services of the mobile phone features to the users. Everyday mobile brands launch their model and change the pattern of the market. Because of the increasing competition now, big multinational mobile companies have to come up with superb features and better versions of their smartphones. Among those organizations, Samsung is beating each mobile brand with the most excellent service and the designs of the handset. They are giving the top customer care services by establishing Samsung Repair at every place. The brand has to reach to more and more customers and giving them the top-notch services.

Here are some terms and conditions apply to the services of the extended

  1. You want to avail only applicable on the mobile phone purchased within India. Out of India, products will not come in the warranty plan.
  2. People can only avail of the free services of warranty plans from Samsung Repair for new in warranty smartphones; this is not applied on the refurbished Samsung items.
  3. The planned card must be registered on the company through the online system before the ending date of extended plans.
  4. The whole process of customer care is based on the legal documents and the real billing details of the mobile phone. This should be authorized by the brand or the dealers of the mobile phone.
  5. The plans and the services of warranty shall not be valid to the mobile phone, which is damaged caused by the following effects-

– Physical damage such as fire, accident, and misuses like water or any liquid in any part of the mobile

– Earthquake, flood and another natural climate

– Any other kind of internal and external damages which is affected by the acts of god

  1. If you will take any services of the handset software from the local outside shops and opens your mobile from the non-standard and unauthorized links, it will be immediate you extend the warranty period at the moment. So, if you have any problem related to the gadget, you should only give it for service to the legally approved Samsung Repair 
  2. Any internal and external part, if any case is changed by other than Samsung authorized center, then your warranty plan will not apply to the next services.
  3. If you are using the non-Samsung products, then the damage caused because of that is not claimed in the plan.

In adding now, people should be taking care of these rules and regulations of the smartphone brand while using the services of the extended warranty plans. It should be clear and settled in your mind. So, you will not face any hurdles in the future.


To summarize this article, we have mainly focus on some significant aspects of the policies of Samsung plans. People who are Samsung smartphone users must know these terms. Therefore, before moving ahead for a claim, you must have all information.

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