When it pertains to website server hosting, there seem to be plenty of alternatives. The two most common servers are the shared server and the cheap dedicated servers. Read on to find the differences between the two website hosting servers.

Dedicated Server Vs Shared Server

A dedicated server is a single hosting server that is strictly adhered to by one client. Shared Server, on the other hand, is a server that supports multiple clients by hosting multiple websites and accounts. Either of the servers is used by companies depending on their requirements. Both dedicated server as well as shared server stores your site’s information on a central server.

  • List of differences

When searching for authentic server web hosting, it is critical to select the appropriate hosting package for your organization. Let us just look more closely at the variations among dedicated and shared servers so that you can decide which system works best for you.

  • Performance

While deciding which server to choose, the performance of the website is an essential aspect to consider. Shared servers accommodate multiple users within the same peripherals and provide only a significant portion of all its products. On the other hand, if you choose a dedicated server, you will be able to fully utilize the hardware that you are spending.

  • Security and Protection

Shared servers seem to be much more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The justification for this is that the server is distributed among multiple clients, which increases the possibility of cyber attacks. Dedicated servers, on the other side, provide greater security as they only have one client. On a single hosting, you can always configure any antivirus software to insert an added level of security.

  • Scalability

Many shared hosting server is not robust, although other web hosts only provide scalable bandwidth. Nevertheless, using a dedicated server, you are perhaps a step closer to scalability. Users can easily expand the hardware of a single hosting by contacting your web host provider. This allows increased traffic flow to be accommodated at any time.

  • Cost

While considering the costs of shared hosting to dedicated hosting services, shared hosting comes out on top. As the users share the server’s resources, they also share the cost of those resources. Shared servers prices may range from few dollars to about $10-$20, based on whether you spend monthly or yearly. While dedicated servers considerably cost more since they give you complete access to the hardware you choose as well as offer higher performance. The exchange rates of dedicated servers usually begin at $100 every month and rise as modifications are added.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, both the dedicated server as well as the shared server has some differences, benefits, and also some drawbacks. So, before you invest in any of the servers you must consider and analyze every aspect in detail for a better performance of your website.

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