iPad can be one of your most prized possessions. Therefore, any malfunctioning of it tends to raise the brows of the owner and look out for the experts who can address the issue(s) effectively and efficiently. But being a technically advanced and sophisticated device, it cannot be repaired by everyone in the market. It is always recommended to look for licensed, certified, and well-trained professionals. Many experts believe that the owner of an iPad needs to do the same research work that he/she did during the time of purchase while looking for an authentic and reliable store for iPad repair. There are several aspects that need considerations before choosing the best technician in the market.

This write-up will highlight facts regarding the top 10 preparations that a person needs to undergo before going for iPad repair.

1. Ensure you have Removed Password for your iPad

Security and safety are two crucial aspects when it comes to using technology. The devices are super secured and data theft is almost impossible. Plus, there are some features related to safety that cannot be breached when applied from the user’s end. In order to make sure that the device is successfully examined by the professional, it is recommended to remove the password if any from the device. iPads also come with a biometric password that unlocks itself upon thumb or face verification making it more secured. Therefore, in order to remove such hassles being faced during iPad repair, you need to remove the password to make the job of the technician smooth.

2. Ascertain your iPad does not have any Accessory

Many people love to personalise their iPad with the help of stickers or other personalised accessories. It is good to do but, whenever you are going to give your priced possession for repair, you need to make sure that these attachments are removed prior to the submission. Experts recommend this in order to avoid any type of controversy during the delivery of the product post servicing. The controversy can be of any form like incidents of customers claiming that they submitted a clean device but receiving the same with a sticker in order to hide any of the scratches and many more.

3. Backup for the Data

Your data is crucial. The messages, schedules, contacts, and everything. There can be information related to your work field, bookmarks for your work-related study, and many more which are required to be preserved before giving your iPad for repair.

So, according to the experts, often people forget about this aspect and end up losing some of the vital information. These experts also consider this as one amongst the many or specific iPad repair – 10 interesting tips that a person needs to follow. The information can be shared in the cloud or on any small portable device.

It needs to be kept in mind that the service providers are not responsible for any type of data loss during the repairing process. In fact, it is one of the major clauses of their terms and conditions.

The professionals associated with iPad repair are of the opinion that even though you are not giving your iPad for formatting, one should always take a backup of the data. In case of the device not responding, the services provider needs to be intimidated for the same and a request needs to be put up to get a backup of the stored data and information before completely formatting it, knowingly or unknowingly.

4. SIM is yours, so Preserve it

SIM is unique for all and hence, it should be taken well care of. While submitting your iPad for repair ensure that you get the SIM out of the device to prevent any kind of misuse by an unauthorised person. Also, the SIM can be used in other devices till your iPad repair is going on. In case, if there is no other device where the SIM can be put then extra care should be taken to keep it safe till the service provider gives back the iPad.

5. Disengaging Crucial Apps

Each one of us uses some of the other apps to make our day-to-day work hassle-free. The professionals might have the remote hosting app while others can have the banking apps installed on the iPad. According to the experts, if you have any such application software running on your device then going for uninstallation is the most important step. You cannot afford the information stored in the hardware of the device to be used by some second party. If your iPad is functioning, then you can go for the uninstallation and removal. And if not, then it is recommended to contact the application developer for help. Amidst the hustle of iPad repair, one must not forget this crucial stage.

6. Factory Setting the Device

The trained and accredited experts follow a series of streamlined steps and procedure for iPad repair. Even though you have taken a backup of the data present in the iPad, deleted, and removed what was present, you can go for the restore factory setting to be double sure that your device is safe from any data or information leakage or theft.

The factory setting is an option that helps you get the device in the same version as it was when you purchased it. It is even considered the surest way to ensure your device can be handled by any second party without worries.

This option is only possible when the iPad is functioning. A non-functional iPad will not give the leverage to go for a factory setting.

7. Checking out the Warranty

Often people are seen overlooking the date of purchase of their iPad in the aftermath of the device going malfunctioning. But this should not be. The professionals recommend checking out of the device is in warranty period or not. If yes, then the iPad repair would help save your bucks.

It is also advised to keep the invoice of the purchase of the iPad handy for some crucial information related to the date of purchase, model name, and number. This information comes out of great help if any part replacement is required after the detection of its failure.

Warranty can be in two forms. The first one to be precise is the original warranty that comes along with the device during purchase. In most cases, it varies from one year to two years. The other one being the extendable warranty that people purchase by paying something extra as a lump sum. The billing for which is done separately and this should be also kept secured.

8. Reviewing the Gadget for Damages

Even though you use your gadget very carefully and ensure there is no scratch or damage of any kind onto it, yet it is recommended to have a thorough look alongside your iPad to check out the presence of any scratch marks or cracks before handing your device for iPad repair. Though responsible and reliability are the two important things to consider while choosing the iPad repairing company, yet it is your responsibility, as an owner to check out yourself for the same.

The reputed stores usually brief the iPad owners with the same before receiving the device for repair.

9. Identifying the Parts of your Device

The reliable and reputed companies that are into iPad and other gadget repairs follow a streamlined process and have dedicated slots to address the issue associated with any device. This is done to make sure that the parts upon assembling are the ones of your gadget only and not from others. But there can be mistakes and a replacement can happen. Therefore, it is recommended to have an idea of the version, part number, serial number of your device so that in case of any misfit, the service provider can be countered.

According to the experts, jotting down the vital information of the hardware at someplace can be of great help, not always.

10. Selecting the Right Service Provider

While you do the needed activities to get your iPad drop at the service centre, you also need to take care of the service centre. There can be hundreds of different service providers for your iPad claiming to be the best, but you need to choose the best in the lot for the most ultimate result. You must ensure that your investment in iPad repair does not go in vain. Hence, it is recommended to check out the accreditation, license, and customer review. These altogether would help a lot in selecting the best iPad repair service provider in the town.


Your iPad, being one of the costliest purchases, should go in the right hand even when it is not in order. The above-mentioned are some of the crucial aspects that need to be considered before going for iPad repair. The preparations can be categorised on two grounds- general and technical. Right from securing the data to ensuring the device is good in terms of any visible intervention- it is the duty of the owner to be vigilant and alert.

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