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handbook 5 The trainthetrainer program is offered on a feepaying basis to interested persons who are not associated with the Institute; and on a gratis basis to JBI Collaborating and Affiliated Centres.

To date, over one hundred (100) trainers have been licensed and JBI Trainers are located in 106 Handbook for Adult Learning Materials Development at Community Level 1.

Use the Handbook as a training manual This Handbook can be used as a training manual for materials development. Possible trainees are village literacy class teachers, CLC facilitators, and materials developers Training Trainers for Development is the first volume in The CEDPA Training Manual Series. It was produced by the Training Division of The Centre for Development and This TraintheTrainer Manual addresses the need for professionally designed trainings that enhance, extend, and build the capacity of the GES to train a cadre of competent and welltrained mentortrainers.

This manual provides facilitators and training managers with information on how to develop, deliver and manage training activities in an effective manner, using the instructional design approaches.

Instructors manual on training fundamentals This manual that you are about to delve into is the product of a collaborative effort. The base material came from UNCTAD, Trainmar. The material was taken apart, revised incorporating new ideas including text from the FIATA training manual, and put together again by the ESCAP secretariat.

24 Training of Trainers Manual training or when supervising peer educators in their eld work the trainer should be capable of responding adequately. interventions train the trainer. This workshop will take you through the complete process of preparing and carrying out a twoday workshop on conducting systematic reviews of public health and health promotion interventions.

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