The chief petty officers manual

According to the 1918 BlueJackets Manual, two roles of a chief petty officer were Technical expert and example setter SECTION 2: OVERVIEW OF MANPOWER MANAGEMENT This preview has intentionally blurred sections. The Chief Petty Officer is the backbone of the Navy.

The officers provide overall direction, and the sailors make the ships go. In between is the CPO who takes the commands from the officers and converts it into something that the individual sailors can do. Puts into persepective the real meaning of leadership and the importance of Chief Petty Officers in the U. S. Navy. About the author (2004) MCPON John Hagan, USN (Ret.

) enlisted in 1964 and served 33 years, including six years as Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Inasmuch as every chief petty officer is supposed to be an expert in his own branch, an effort to embody in one book all of the information that each chief petty officer is supposed to know would result in a very large volume, as it would necessarily have to cover every detail of the naval profession.

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The chief petty officer's manual Hardcover 1993. by Douglas L Drewry (Author) Visit Amazon's Douglas L Drewry Page. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The Chief Petty Officer's Guide (Blue and Gold Professional Series) John Hagan. 4. 4 out of 5 stars 12. Hardcover. In the tradition of The Bluejacket's Manual, this new guide serves as" mentor" to the U. S. Navy's Chief Petty Officers and" gouge" to those who aspire to be CPOs.

It is the result of an extensive review process by a select board of CPOs, including those assigned to the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, Rhode Island. According to the 1918 BlueJacket's Manual, two roles of a chief petty officer were. Acting status for chief petty officers was not eliminated until 1965.

A 1958 amendment to the Career Compensation Act added two new pay grades, senior chief (E8) and master chief

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