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Those not familiar with HYSYS will quickly acquire the skills to run HYSYS and PIPESYS using the tools available such as the user manuals. Users familiar with HYSYS will recognize a similar logical worksheet and data entry format in the PIPESYS extension. vii quickly and efficiently perform calculations with the internal calculation Aug 21, 2018  Pipesys Extension On Hysys posted in Chemical Process Simulation: Hi friends; Im simulating a pipe with pipesys. I have a pig launcher a t the beginning and a the end I have a pig receiver then the fluid enters a slugcatcher equipment.

Then, when inserting in the elevation profile, Idont find pig trap (pig receiver ). Can anyone please explain me if its not important to add a pig v v HYSYS Thermodynamics To comprehend why HYSYS is such a powerful engineering simulation tool, you need look no further than its strong thermodynamic HYSYS refer to Section Installing HYSYS of the HYSYS Get Started Manual.

1 PIPESYS Extension Installation The following instructions relate to installing PIPESYS as an extension to HYSYS. Once the all the files have been transfered to their proper locations the installtion program will register the PIPESYS extension with HYSYS. Functioning as an seamless extension to HYSYS, PIPESYS has access to please see Volumes 1 and 2 of the HYSYS Reference Manual. Here you will find all the information you require to set up a case and work efficiently within the simulation environment.

1. 3 Disclaimer The PIPESYS pipeline hydraulics module for HYSYS, UniSim, and PetroSIM simulation platforms allows you to model multiphase flow through the production system upstream of the processing facilities as well as through transportation pipelines downstream. Readbag users suggest that PIPESYS User Guide is worth reading.

The file contains 128 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. 1 PIPESYS Application 1. 1 Gas Condensate Gathering System PIPESYS extension and thereby calculate important parameters such as pressure losses, temperature changes and liquidholdup amounts as located in the HYSYS Reference Manual 2, Chapter 13 Physical Operations. HYSYS Tutorials A1 A1 A HYSYS Tutorials The Tutorials section of this manual presents you with independent tutorial sessions.

Each tutorial guides you stepbystep through the

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