5 speed manual transmission fluid

TREMECs TKO series of 5speed transmissions was first made famous by the 5liter 5 speed manual transmission fluid movement and has since been fitted into nearly every rearwheel drive performance application imaginable. May 27, 2011 Yes I tried searching, didn't find what I was looking for.

I'm planning on changing out all the fluids on my 2006 2. 7L 5 Speed 4x4 when the weather Feb 25, 2016 Manual Transmission Fluid 2. 2L 2nd gen 4bangingJonathan 2000 Sonoma Extended cab 2. 2L 5 Speed with Hurst short throw shifter, 34 Drop on staggered gray boss 338 18s, Flowmaster original 40 series. Jul 03, 2016 Just finished transmission fluid change ( drain& fill) on my 5 speed 4x4 Navajo. Bolts were too tight for me with the 12" ratchet wrench I had so I picked up the longer length and heavier torque wrench Aug 27, 2011 AX5 Manual transmission fluid?

What fluid do i use to change it out? its a 1998 2. 5l AX5 ive heard of redline mt90 some say 10w 30 motor oil can somebody shead some light for my AX5 The purpose of the transmission fluid in a manual transmission is to lubricate the moving parts in the transmission.

While automatic transmissions generate more heat and break down the automatic transmission fluid, manual transmissions do not. The fivespeed manual transaxle used with the 2. 0 and 2. 4liter engines had a threeplane shift arrangement with reverse alongside fifth gear. Oil capacity is 2.

1 qt (2. 0 L) of a special fluid not plain oil. Oct 16, 2009 just found this: HM2905LM60 5speed manual transmission Synchromesh transmission fluid PN this transmission was used during the late 80's in the light duty trucks. Add your comment to this topic! NOTE: Check your owners manual to confirm fluid specification recommended. General Motors& Ford: Valvoline DEXMERC Recommended for vehicles manufactured by General Motors& Ford, 2005 and earlier T5, T50D Manual Transmission 5speed

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