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Armalite AR10 Super SASS. 308 w SS Barrel, Adjustable Buttstock, QuadRail Forend, TwoStage Match Trigger, (15) New Factory Mags, New QD Midwest Industries Front& Rear FlipUp Sights, Armalite QD 30mm Scope Mount [ 831 Sold Pending Funds Feb 18, 2009 I found an Armalite AR10 SASS in a local shop that got it in last week.

I was thinking of picking it up tomorrow. I'm looking for anybody's opinion The ArmaLite SUPER SASS (Semi Automatic Sniper System) was developed by ArmaLite Inc. and submitted as an entry for the XM110 competition, which was announced by the military in November of 2004. Several companies submitted entries. This would include companies such as Knights, Remington, DPMS and ArmaLite. Armalite is launching more than 17 SKUs in 2015 and they are coming fast to a dealer near you.

First out of the factory is the Armalite Competition Series. These rifles are jam packed with features for 3gunnersintroductory to professionalout of the box at a price point you cant refuse.

This Armalite AR10 Super SASS is brand new in the box. If you have any qwuestions please message me. for sale by Spotted Dog on GunsAmerica Feb 07, 2011 They will both out shoot him, so if he wants a Super SASS, then get it. The SASS is a very good rifle and he will get great support from armalite.

In my opinion at that price point the differences are going to be minor. ArmaLite did just that by modifying its alreadyaccurate AR10(T), an enlarged AR chambered in. 308 Winchester (7. 62x51mm NATO). Although the rifle chosen for the Army SASS was not ArmaLites entry, the companys rifle was so impressive that ArmaLite decided to continue development and create the Super SASS.

The ArmaLite SUPER SASS (Semi Automatic Sniper System). This is a direct descendent of ArmaLites XM110 entry to the U. S. Army. Taking the original design and adding refinements to provide law enforcement, military and commercial shooters a true sniper grade autoloading rifle.

Armalite 10SBF AR10 Super SASS Rifle. 308 Win 20in 20rd Black Free shipping on firearms! Order online or call today! ArmaLites Super SASS is an AR10based 7. 62mm sniper rifle originally developed for military use. However, combat experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq quickly demonstrated the usefulness of a selfloading 7. 62mm sniper rifle, especially if it was able to be easily configured to meet specific mission requirements.

ArmaLite decided to offer its SASS candidate for commercial sale with some modifications and upgrades with the commercial designation Super SASS. We have tested and bought several AR10 rifles over the years, and all have demonstrated superior accuracy and reliability. The Armalite Super SASS is definitely a system to look into if a police tactical unit wants to add a semiauto sniper system to the team. This article is an excerpt from the Gun Digest Book of Tactical Gear.

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