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Gun Review: Sarsilmaz SAR 9. by Nick Leghorn Nov 08, 2017 places for 330 dollars watched someone use one at a match and was not disappointed in the performance and I prefer a manual safety on a firearm review said it was hard to manipulate but may need oiled and worked to loosen up. I would put my Sar K2 45 against any 45 Jul 25, 2014  EAA Sarsilmaz SAR K2 Review. The Original CZ Forum Login with username, password and session length News: New and Updated Products for 2018 from CZUSA have arrived!

Well, We did not win I am trying to get a photo or some details concerning the grip and the" Task Firearms" stamping on the SAR K2 45 that will be Aug 09, 2015 So, I finally went out to the range for the first time in months and just got back from sighting in the Sar K2. Even with the sight centered in the dovetail, the rear sight had to be adjusted far right to get it centered on target. A Beast of Steelthe Sarsilmaz K245 Pistol. By Suzanne Wiley published on August 27, 2013 in Firearms. For safe handling, the K2 has a manual thumb safety and an auto firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge.

For Jeff Cooper fans, even though the gun fires in doubleaction, it is also well suited for carry like a 1911, cocked Jun 05, 2012 Obviously, it is in fact a high cap. 45 acp based on the CZ 7597 platform, and having just recently been enamored with the FNP45 Tactical hicap and played with one at the local Gander MountainI couldn't resist Grabagun.

com's 442. 64 delivered price and rolled the dice on the SAR K2 sight unseen. High capacity in. 45 caliber. Piccatiny rail. Adjustable sight. Smooth trigger. Suited perfectly for the shooter enthusiast. Gun Test: EAA Sarsilmaz K2. 45 ACP Pistol The Sarsilmaz K2 from EAA is a rugged and reliable doublestack pistol ready for LEO patrol duties.

Shown with a SureFire X300 light. Comment(s) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) It's evidently made to be carried cocked and locked, with the safety in the proper place for a.

45, with a downward motion to release it. After Any thoughts on the EAA SAR K245 14rd [Archive KahrTalk Forums EAA is not going to import SAR's anymore, and they have no magazines for it. MecGar doesn't even show an option in their production line any longer for a K2.

On shot number 597 with no cleaning, I had one magazine failure it was in a P14 magazine, didn't kick the round into the chamber. Oct 10, 2011 Hi Sar k2 45 manual meat, does anyone have the EAA Sar K2. 45 ACP Any info, Positive or negative would be appreciated.

Main reason for this gun would be Range and All of EAAs online gun manuals. All of EAAs online manuals are in Adobes pdf format.

If you have Adobes Acrobat Reader then just download the manual you want. EAA SAR K2 45ACP 14RD BLUSS 4 Reviews Questions& Answers. Model: even my friend who shoots with me sometimes who is a 1911 freak always seems to put down his 1911\'s to fire my Sar K2 45, to bad they don\'t import the one I have anymore with the stainless steel slide.

The manual does say not to use p ammo but I think

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