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Bypass Feeders, Filter Feeders, and Bromine Feeders manufactured by the J. L. Wingert Company. 14 turn positive seal closure and quick release cap Maximum pressure 200 PSI (13. 6 Bar) at 200 F (90 C) This new addition to our extensive feeder line adds chemical resistance without topical coatings that scratch. These fiberglass feeders It turns out a Pot Feeder is not just a Pot Feeder Griswold Water Systems manufactures a complete line of chemical bypass feeders for chemical dosing of nonevaporative water loops.

Our pot feeders are all made in the USA to ASME standards and can be purchased with a complete line of interchangeable accessories. Keystone Steam Supplies can provide you with new Chemical Pot Feeders used to prolong the life of cooling and heating systems. Manual. Pneumatic. Thermostatic. Valve Accessories. Cartridge Changing Tool. CoarseThreaded, Cast Iron Cap with Buna N gasket (Underside of cap is epoxycoated for increased corrosionresistance) Wessels manufactures chemical pot feeder tanks for your fluid control needs.

Rep Login. Request a Quote. Chemical Pot Feeders. Wessels bypass chemical feed tanks are designed for reliable induction of chemical treatment into a closed loop system. Typically used in hydronic and process piping systems. Manuals; Brochures; ByPass Pot Feeder Gallon Capacity 2 2 US Gallon 5 5 US Gallon Number of ports cap for safety and ease of access Connections: 4 @ ports (2 upper, 2 lower) Domed bottom.

GENERAL FILTRATION CHEMICAL BYPASS POT FEEDERS PF 441Applewood Cr.Concord, ON L4K 4J3 ByPass Feeders From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc. A new high pressure cap rated to 300 psi is now available. The first closure improvement in over a decade. Feeder Brochure Feeder Specs. METEX CORPORATION LIMITED. About Us Bypass Filter Feeders.

Operations& Maintenance Manual. Record Your Model, Serial Number and Glycol Feed Packages, Separators& Separator Systems, Tanks, Tank Stands, Chemical Batch Mixers, Corrosion Coupon Racks, Packaged Feed Systems and it is easiest to put gasket on end cap before placing on neck of feeder. INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL CHEMICAL BYPASS FEEDER GWS1013Rev E. FBSB Series (Flat Bottom Tank with Safety Bar Closure) FUNNEL VALVE CAP CLOSURE INLET STRAINER BASKET DRAIN VALVE OUTLET DESCRIPTION: DBGE chemical bypass feeders may be used with or without Chemical Pot Feeder from 2 to 12 gallons.

Order directly online and save. From 239. 99 and ready to ship. The cap is tighten. You open the valves and the chemical is flushed into the system. This will save time when more chemical needs to be added to the system. What is the differnce between a Neptune" DBF" and a Neptune" VTF" The Professional Series Pot Feeders, Bypass Feeders, and Shot Feeders are used for engineered projects. Fully supported by Engineering Specifications, they offer features and performance unmatched in the industry including high pressure ratings, high temperature ratings, optional stainless steel, and optional ASME certification and stamp.

pressure cap for safety and ease of access Domed bottom Please note: drawing is for general reference only and should not be used for sizing or piping layout. INSTALLATION OF BYPASS FEEDER INSTRUCTIONS PFI INSTALLATION& OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS: ALL MODELS Add required chemical into feeder.

7. Clean lid Pipe feeder to cause pressure drop across inlet and outlet resulting in flow through feeder. hot or cold water only. DO NOT USE FOR STEAM (300 psi @ 200F max. ). 4. Be certain gasket is positioned in groove under cap before replacing cap. (Replace gasket if cap does not seal by hand pressure. ) CONSULT YOUR CHEMICAL

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