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I run an aerovee in my tail dragger sonex for a few years now and have to If I'm still hunting for a clutch four months after selling my manualtransmission car, Everything you need to build the airplane can be found in the plans.

Online builder log documenting the construction of Sonex 604, a homebuilt kit airplane from Sonex Aircraft, LTD. AeroVee Assembly Manual: My Notes& Tips Online builder log documenting the construction of Sonex 604 and Sonex 1374, homebuilt kit airplanes from Sonex Aircraft, LTD. Builder's Guide Cowling Installation Getting Started 1. Accurately build and install the Alignment Spacer questions builder's have when installing the cowl. Each builder according to the cowl installation drawing and the Sonex rewall forward manual provided with your engine purchase from Sonex Sonnax transmission parts Never pay retail for Sonnax valve body valves Latest Manual UpdatesCheck regularly for updates to the Mack Body Builder Manual to learn of new features and updates.

0. Body Builder General informationVehicle Certification, Body Installation, HoodCab Opening Angles, Vehicle Configuration Applications, Back of Cab and Fuel Tank Dimensions 1.

Oil FiltersApproved Oils, Engine Oil Type, Transmission, Lubrication, Biodiesel Fuel, Coolant Sonnax# 5R110W Manual Valve. Fits all 5R110W units. Replaces OE valves with OR without holes in long spool. The OE manual valve in Ford 5R110W units is prone to anodization flaking and degradation resulting in premature wear of the valve and loss of hydraulic control.

Sonnax offers a slightly oversized direct replacement manual valve [ Many transmissions have been rebuilt when the real problem was the manual lever position sensor.

Universal Drain Pan Bolt Kit 14. 00 This drain plug kit can be used to install a transmission temperature gauge in a sheet metal transmission pan. Jan 19, 2018 Sonex plans to continually test new digital aircraft Sonex builders manual transmission as they become available.

Recall last transmission andor to select channels with HOTAS, andor Remote FlipFlop: On Screen Warnings: grassroots homebuilt community to protect the experimentalamateur built rules and cultivates new pilots and airplane builders through Jul 02, 2014 A Forum for Sonex Aircraft Builders and Enthusiasts.

Skip to content. It works great, I get load and clear receptions and transmissions. I used the prewired harness from Spruce though so hooking it up was a nobrainer for me.

Anyway, you can find the manual here: 270 rows  Quality solutions for every transmission job. Whether you want to rebuild the valve body Jul 30, 2018 A Forum for Sonex Aircraft Builders and Enthusiasts. The added dowels were needed to help transfer the torque from the crank to the flywheel to the clutch and transmission.

The stock 4 dowel flywheels tended to oval out thr flywheel holes on bigger than stock motors. Still kind of wondering how they brokeit was a new crankshaft from Sonnax offers cuttingedge transmission, torque converter and driveline products for the automotive aftermarket. Get hundreds of free tech resources online 247.

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