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Imenu Mode. Overview. See Imenu in the Emacs manual. Imenu from a Menu. To automatically add an Imenu menu to the menu bar for a given mode, Adds modespecific Defs Imenus for Lisp mode and EmacsLisp mode. These menus include faces, user options, other variables, This manual describes CC Mode version 5.

32. CC Mode supports the editing of C, C, ObjectiveC, Java, Emacs. CC Mode might not work with older versions of Emacs or XEmacs. The language specific mode hooks. The appropriate one is run as the last thing when you enter that language mode.

Prefix Keymaps. Internally, Emacs records only single events in each keymap. Interpreting a key sequence of multiple events involves a chain of keymaps: the first keymap gives a definition for the first event, which is another keymap, which is used to look up the second event in the sequence, and so on. modespecificmap is for This map is not actually modespecific: its name was chosen to be informative in Ch b (displaybindings), where it describes the main use of the Cc prefix key.

A sparse keymap used for the Smouse1 key. 16. 8 Keymaps. Emacs uses keymaps to record which keys call which commands. When you use globalsetkey to set the keybinding for a single command in all parts of Emacs, you are specifying the keybinding in currentglobalmap.

Specific modes, such as C mode or Text mode, have their own keymaps; the modespecific keymaps override Go to the previous, next section. Customization. This chapter talks about various topics relevant to adapting the behavior of Emacs in minor ways. See The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual for how to make more farreaching changes. All kinds of customization affect only the particular Emacs job that you do them in.

23. 1 Major Modes. Major modes specialize Emacs for editing particular kinds of text. Each buffer has only one major mode at a time. The least specialized major mode is called Fundamental mode. This mode has no modespecific definitions or variable settings, so each Emacs command behaves in its default manner, and each option is There is an article related about jabber.

els issues with Google Talk for connecting and chatting: Read GoogleTalk article. starttls, gnutlscli and related issues If you have problems to connect to a secure jabber server using gnutlscli This map is not actually mode specific: its name was chosen to be informative for the user in Ch b (displaybindings), where it describes the main use of the Cc prefix key.

occurmodemap A sparse keymap used by Occur mode. modespecificmap is the global keymap for the prefix key Cc. This function is a subroutine used by the whereis command (see section Help' in The GNU Emacs Manual). It returns a list of key sequences (of any length) that are bound to command in Mode specific map emacs manual set of keymaps.

modespecificmap is the global keymap for the prefix key Cc. This map is actually global, not modespecific, but its name provides useful information about Cc in the output of Ch b ( displaybindings ), since the main use of this prefix key is for modespecific bindings.

See TwoColumn Editing in The GNU Emacs Manual. abbrevmap. A sparse keymap for subcommands of the prefix Cx a. See Defining Abbrevs in The GNU Emacs Manual.

See Mode Line Format. modespecificmap. The keymap for characters following Cc. Note, this is in the global map.

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