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Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (RDC) Onsite 4. 6 V Oracle Clinical Users Manual Page 2 of 60 Table of Contents SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 3 User's Manual of RDC644XG Control System 2 Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. rdc manual user manual There are 4 patient icons used in OC RDC Onsite. No data have been entered for this patient. Patient data have been entered there are no open discrepancies.

Lessons Learned& Best Practices Prepared by Sushil Motwani, David Bradley Character Set: For OCRDC, Oracle strongly recommends that you use the UTF8 character set MANUAL (Default) Recommended Value Set FALSE Recommended CRA Monitor OC RDC HTML User Guide. Manual Discrepancy 14 Discrepancy Colors 15 CRF Navigator Discrepancy Tab 16 Routing Discrepancies 17 Closing Discrepancies 19 Viewing Discrepancy History 21 CRA Verification Process Verify an eCRF 22 UnVerify an eCRF 23 CRA User Guide (OC RDC) CRA OC RDC PDF User Guide If you experience any problems with OC RDC, contact the EDC Support Center Creating a Manual Discrepancy 17 Routing a Discrepancy Back to Site 19 Show Discrepancy History 20 Verifying eCRFs Verify an eCRF 20 Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture HTML (OC RDC) Generating a manual discrepancy: Assume that during SDV, you notice that the time of Vital Signs does not match the source documents.

A discrepancy will need to be created to ask the site to check this inconsistency. Step. Table of Contents. What is OC RDC ONSITE?. RDC Process Overview. LOGGING ON TO RDC ONSITE. the OC RDC system automatically creates an audit history of all data changes on an eCRF regardless of the save status: number of manual discrepancies that are created but will not keep systemgenerated discrepancies from being generated

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