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Sonnox is a marketleading audio software company devoted to designing innovative, high quality audio processing plugins. The awardwinning Oxford Plugins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing Music, Film, Television, Radio and Live Sound. The main purpose of the Codec Toolbox Plugin is to audition files with different codecs without having to print them first. This realtime monitoring is really handy and a great time saver. Sonnox provides a wellwritten manual with the product so you can learn about the codecs offered and stepbystep instructions on how to get the most out fraunhofer procodec Later we often wish we could have made some improvements.

What if there was a way to audition and compare up to five audio codecs in real time? The Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec PlugIn is designed for the realtime auditioning, encoding and decoding of audio signals by the Fraunhofer codecs. In the past it has not been possible to critically audition and then encode multiple formats in Presented by ProToolsExpert.

com leader Mike Thornton, this collection of indepth video tutorials will completely reveal all there is to know about the indispensable Sonnox ProCodec plugin. If you publish audio for the web, iTunes or just make MP3's for your iPod, this plugin and series is a must have. The Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox is designed for realtime auditioning of audio signals by the Fraunhofer codecs, in addition to offline decoding, encoding and metadata editing of the resulting files.

Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec See Sonnox website (www. sonnox. com) or individual product manuals for latest compatibility and platform specific details. ! ! ! 3 3. Sonnox ToolBar and Preset Manager! 3. 1 ToolBar Basics The Sonnox ToolBar contains the Preset Manager and other useful controls such as Undo due for a particular project or enterprise, they will be due irrespective of whether the ProCodec is used or some alternative encoder is used.

There is no circumstance where using the Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec will increase licence fees or require additional fees of Sonnox Codec Toolbox Manual User Guide in real time within a host DAWenvironment. The revolutionary Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec PlugIn now makes this possible. The ProCodec PlugIn is designed for the realtime auditioning of audio signals by the Fraunhofer codecs.

The PlugIn also provides the ability to record the realtime encoded Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec Plugin Manufacturer's Description from Sonnox For the first time, the ProCodec enables engineers to use Apples iTunes Plus codec for realtime auditioning, making it a powerful, timesaving tool to efficiently mix directly for the Mastered for iTunes programme.

Sonnoxs clever plugin allows you to hear exactly what different MP3 and AAC encoder settings do to your precious mixes royalty payments from anyone using MP3 or AAC codecs for commercial purposes a fact spelt out in both Fraunhofer ProCodec's PDF manual and the End User Licence Agreement.

Sonnox Fraunhofer ProCodec Listen up. The ProCodec plugin comes in the familiar lightblue Sonnox livery, with pride of place being given to the zoomable FFT display that provides detailed visual feedback on the currently selected codec.

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