Hp 1650a logic analyzer manual

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connect to an HP logic analysis system. Select HP1650B Logic Analyzer. I obtained this logic analyzer off eBay. I bought a second unit with the main menu burned into the screen just for the cables, pods and clip leads. Here it sits on top of my oscilloscope: I found this manual on the test probes for the HP1650A HP 1652B Logic Analyzer Manuals and Disks. Some time ago, I purchased an HP 1652b Logic Analyzer through ebay. This is a great combination logic analyzer plus oscilloscope that was way ahead of its time.

HP MODELS 1650A AND 1651A LOGIC ANALYZERS SERIAL NUMBERS Inslructlon manual symbol The product will be marked with this& ymbol when It Is necessary fOJ the user to Hp 1650a logic analyzer manual to the Instruction manual In order HP 1650A51A TABLE OF CONTENTS Installation. 632 Removal and Replacement of Setting Up the Logic Analyzer HP 1650A51A Logic Analyzers rh HEWLETT a.

: e. PACKARD @ Copynght HewlettPackard Company 1987 Pnnted in U. s A June 1987. number of microprocessor specific preprocessors are available as optional accessories You will find them listed in the HP 1650A51A Reference Manual along WIth SERVICE MANUAL HP 1650B1651B Logic Analyzer SERIAL NUMBERS This manual applies directly to instruments prefixed with serial number: 2924A For additional information about serial numbers see INSTRUMENTS COVERED BY THIS MANUAL in Section 1. HP 1650B1651B Contents 1 Service Manual.

HP 1650AHP 1651A LOGIC ANALYZERS Reference Manual The HP 1650A and 1651A logic analyzers are a new family of general purpose logic analyzers WIth improved features to accommodate next generation design tasks. Both the BOchannellIP 1650A and the azcbannelHP 1651A logic Operation and Service Manuals for Older, Obsolete RF& Microwave Instruments A Test Fixture Operation and Service Manual A5A5D Logic Analyzers Programmer's Guide HP References in this Manual This manual may contain references to HP or HewlettPackard.

Please note that HewlettPackard's former test and measurement, semiconductor products and following logic analyzers: HP 1650A, HP 1650B, HP 1652B, HP 1660A61A, HP A, HP B, HP B, HPAGILENT Test Equipment Manual: HP B Buy Preprocessor Operating Manual.

Users Guide. HP B Test Fixture Operating Note. HP 1630A D G Logic Analyzers Operations& Service. Logic Analysis System Programming Reference. Service Manual

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