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001: It is a prime overriding duty to contact other lifeforms, exchange information, and, whenever possible, bring them home. 003: By joining Star Corps, each individual tacitly consents to give up his inalienable rights to life, liberty, and adequate toilet facilities. Space Corps, also colloquially referred to as the Star Corps (Red Dwarf 1996 Log Book), Space Federation (" Back in the Red, Part Three" ) and the Star Fleet (Last Human and" Back to Earth, Part Two" ), is the umbrella organization which regulated all interplanetary and interstellar space flight to and from Earth, from the British science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf.

Space corps directive 1742 No member of the corps should ever report for active duty in a ginger toupee Donald Trump wild hair The purpose of this manual is to provide private school owners, principals and teachers with information regarding the policies, procedures and legislative requirements of the Ministry of Education Like most juniors at Manual High School, in the impoverished northeast quarter of Denver, Colorado, Norberto FelixCruz was Mexican, multiply pierced, and laden with chains.

Although he was quiet LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) Administrators at duPont Manual High School can do more to develop a sense of inclusivity and belonging at the school, according to a culture and climate audit conducted Sep 12, 2006 The Space Corps Directives are a running joke from the British science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf. The Directives are a list of the Space Corps' regulations. [1 Though originating in series 2, the directives were most often used for comic effect during the 5th and 6th series of the show.

Space Corps Directives. Below is a list of all of the Space Corp Directives I know. If I have missed any, please click here to email me.

" The first Space Corps Directive is mentioned in Polymorph. Americas next war might be fought in space, so lawmakers want to make a military wing just for that new battlefield.

Congressmen have drafted legislation to create a branch of the military, the Space Corps, that would command soldiers defending U. S. interests outside the Earths atmosphere. Overview. A prelude to the Space Corps directives were featured in the episode Queeg, where Holly, masquerading as" Queeg 500"would use" Articles" to force the crew to work, as well as perform other unsavoury acts.

As" Queeg" was merely an illusion, the authenticity of the Articles and their influence remains suspect. For the space is an independent arena side of the debate, the changes that need to be made are pretty selfevident: something akin to Rogers proposed idea of a Space Corps. On the space is a supportive tool side of the debate, the required changes are more nuanced.

Space Corps Directives. 1. Article 497 of the Space Corps Directive? " You have to work in order to earn credits for food" (Queeg) 2.

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