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The Atomic Four Marine Engine and Replacements: Universal Atomic Four: 7. check fuel level 8. check oil pressurewater temperature 9. check engine area for leaks, condition of alternator belt, stuffing box Moyer Marine Service and Overhaul Manual(highly recommended) Service and overhaul manual for the Atomic 4, written by Don Moyer In electric fuel pump systems, it's very convenient to install a second electric pump upstream from the primary filter with a manual switch to use in this step.

The second pump can also serve as an emergency backup in case the primary fuel pump fails. antique Moyer marine manual fuel tanks auto classic car vintage motorcycle gas tank repair restoration automobile truck tractor bike fuel tanks This page designed and maintained by Sandra Lee Moyer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. In the beginning, Moyer Marine offered parts, the newsletter (which had gone upscale over the years and was named the Atomic4 Caster), technical service and advice on the phone to newsletter subscribers, engine overhauls and checkups, and workshops.

Atomic 4: Smooth, worth another look Diesel envy? cruising sailboat has at least a quarter of a cup of gasoline aboard regardless of what the main engine fuel is. All of us have to be very careful with gasoline. Both Old Lyme Marina and Moyer Marine sell maintenance parts as well as major replacement parts such as blocks, cams, and Universal Atomic Four Engine Parts& Suppliers (Revised 8 2398) GENERAL INFORMATION: Oil: 45 Qts SAE 30 (SAE 20W Moyer marine manual fuel in cold climates) Jun 26, 2011 Upload to.

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Contact Moyer Marine. Let us know how we can help you. We try and get back within 24 hrs. Aug 26, 2018 Moyer Marine Inc. Parts and Services for the Universal Atomic 4 Engine Moyer Marine Atomic 4 Community Home of the Afourians Powered by vBulletin Return to the home page I have rebuilt my AC Model B fuel pump for my 1936 Dodge according to the instructions sent with the rebuild kit from Then& Now Automotive.

The kit was very complete and had a copy of AC Fuel Pump Rebuild Instructions probably from a Motors Manual (pgs 185 to 194). The only thing I was not We are receiving a growing number of reports from folks who have installed an electric fuel pump just upstream from the filter (between the filter and the tank) which they control with a separate manual switch. Moyer Marine Parts, Service for Atomic 4 Engines Shamokin Dam, PA.

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