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Spaceward Ho! FAQ. by Ben Beecher How does The Ho! 3. 0 determine the difficulty rating of a game? A: On page 40, the manual lists computer intelligence, skill level, number of allies, galaxy size and game duration as factors. Armageddon divides the difficulty level by two. Talk: Spaceward Ho! Jump to navigation Jump to search The worst thing about the game is that it asks you passwords that dont line up with the manual they are asking from.

So if they ask for page 4 line 7 word 3, you type in all sorts of words that you might think are that word, trying to line it up and give them what they're asking Does anyone have the manual for the PS3 game Quantum Theory? Delta Tao Software, Inc. gave birth to Spaceward Ho! in 1992, with the help of New World Computing, Inc. as publisher. Cool strategy game, the player evolve in a managerial, scifi futuristic, turnbased theme with a topdown perspective.

Spaceward Ho! " The superdreadnought's shields were flaring in numerous locations, with more impacts every second, as they angled Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Spaceship Owner's Manual 9 Silver Dart. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! Spaceship Owner's Manual 5 Descender. From Starbright. ADD TO WISHLIST There is also a quickstart version of the Spaceward Spaceward Ho!

5. written by Peter Commons. Produced by Joe Williams. Art and Animation by Howard Vives. Voice characterizations by Mark Madeley. Quick Guide to Password: Remember me [ Forgot password? Search: Recent Additions: Manual ishmael2u 7. 77 MB 712 Space Empires IV Deluxe: Manual thislame 6. 81 MB 848 Spaceward Ho: Manual (PROVISIONAL) scorch56 246. 08 kB 1142 Spartan: Quick Reference Card e4450 2. 58 MB 144 Fabricio, NONE of the download links works correctly.

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