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Hohner Chromatic Harmonica and Harps For Jazz Harp, Classical Mouth Organ, Pop Music on Chromatics Aug 31, 2014 The first Hohner bass harps had Borrah Minevitch's name on the covers, not Hohner's, and were prototypes only, for Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals harmonica band use. Borrah was a products designer with Hohner New York, from 1924'28(?

). The harmonica may be small, but it can produce great sounding, powerful music with an emotionally expressive quality which is hard to equal. Small enough to Hohner Bass Harmonica Review.

Tweet. Written by admin on July 16, 2015. Posted in Chromatic Harmonicas, The Hohner Bass is a very unusual harmonica. It's unusual to find a bass harmonica to begin with, but the Hohner Bass is extra special. If has 39 holes and 78 blow reeds. It is 11 long and offers an extended range that is perfect for Find great deals on eBay for hohner bass harmonica. Shop with confidence. The 8 Best Harmonicas. Updated May 25, 2018 by Vann Vicente Video Review; Resources.

Ebay; Jet. com resonant tone that sounds great when joined by a slide guitar and a standup bass. Its black satin covers provide a classic, highcontrast look. The tremolo harmonica has limited applications, and is therefore the least popular The bass harmonica is a doubledeck instrument with two hinged bodies, the lower having all the natural notes, and the upper having all the sharpsflats so it is fully chromatic covering a range of two octaves, starting with EE (like the lowest note Chromatische bass harmonica manual a bass Buy Hohner 7565C Chromatic Meisterklasse Harmonica: Harmonicas Amazon.

com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The Chromatic harmonica contains all natural notes plus all sharps and flats, thus enabling chromatic melodies. Most use a buttonactivated sliding bar. Welcome to a new concept in bass harmonica: the Slider Bass Harmonica! Based on my patentpending TwinHarmonica System, I have scaled up the design to fit existing bass harmonicas of the traditional type.

Nov 08, 2010  Mix Rich Hynes plays M. Hohner's chromatische Bass Harmonika YouTube Hohner Harmonica Demonstration by Annie Raines Duration: 10: 27. juro777 Aug 27, 2011 This is a Hohner Bass Harmonica. This is a new member of my collection. It came from one of my Facebook harmonica friends in Germany. John Shirley does loopinglayering of bass, organ, and sax sounds, with a live drummer. Also shows DM48 together with the Chris Hein sampled chromatic harmonica plugin, as well as playing with an external arpeggiator.

Prototype instrument. More videos are available on our Manual The DM48 packs a wide range of features and adjustable Student Guide for SOLOTUNED HARMONICA (Part I Diatonic) Presented by The Gateway Harmonica Club, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri Everyone knows about the humble little 10 hole harmonica, but in this video I introduce you to the 16 hole chromatic harmonica and the monster bass and chord harmonicas. Sit back and enjoy as myself (Hal Walker) along with Al and Judy Smith (The Hotshots) play three songs for you: Maltese

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