Earth stove manual 101-1001

Sep 30, 2013 I have a manual for the earth stoves. The clearances are the same as what was on my tag on my series 100 earth stove just in the picture the door swung to the side instead of tilting forward. Pacific Energy Summit installation and operation manual epa certified catalytic wood burning stove retain these model 1003c instructions for future reference this appliance must be installed by a qualified installer.

read entire manual thoroughly before installation. pn m, rev. p, 1103 page 2. do not let children touch the appli ance. Earth Stove 1400 HT Owner's Manual Parts for this stove can be found HERE USING THIS MANUAL Please read and carefully follow all of the instructions found in this manual.

Please pay special attention to the safety instructions provided in this manual. Earth Stove 101 and one hundred and five Owners Handbook.

HOW TO Download YOUR PDF Handbook. one. ) Following completing the payment process, click on on My Account in the upper lefthand corner of our web web site. In 2012 Lennox, the manufacturer of the Earth Stove line since the 1990's, merged with another company to form Innovative Hearth Products or IHP.

IHP has moved the production of all current Whitfield Lennox and Earth Stoves models into a new brand called IronStrike. Gas, pellet and wood stove manuals are available to help troubleshoot, operate and find replacement parts. Don't see the stove manual? Send any questions to and include the make, model and serial number of stove. Earth Stove 1002HT 1001HT Owners Guide. HOW TO Download YOUR PDF Guide. 1. ) Soon after finishing the payment approach, simply click on My Account in the upper remaininghand corner of our net web site.

Recently bought a house that has a earth stove model 101 in the basement. I would say it was bought in the early 80's. I wos wondering were i can go to find a manual for it One Installation and operation instructions manual One Warranty Five Baffle bricks One Marble set (for stove top and ash lip) One Insulation pad and strips.

Place pad under top marble and strips under ash lip marble. Stove Manuals Wood Stove Manuals Earth Stove Traditions Manuals Earth Stove 101 and 1001 Owners Manual Product 618 Previous Return to the Product List Next Earth Stove User Manual now owned by LennoxIHP These are some of the first stoves made by the Earth Stove company before the 1990 EPA clean burning standard was established.

They are also referred to as the model 3340 or model 1000.

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