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MULTICAL 601 is a thermal energy meter with many applications. In addition to being a precise and reliable heat In addition to being a precise and reliable heat meter for battery or mains operation, MULTICAL 601 is also used for: Technical Description MBus modules for MULTICAL with MULTICAL 601 data package Kamstrup AS.

Industrivej 28, Stilling. DK8660 Skanderborg. TEL: 45 89 93 10 00 MULTICAL 801 has data and info loggers that provide information on events such as leakage, burst or power failure and data storage ensuring quick response to problems and meter readings are saved. In conjunction with this, the meter has battery backup so that when the power is cut, the meter will continue to calculate energy for up to a Multical 402 Energy Flow Meter Overview The Multical 402 is the compact ultrasonic energy meter which registers the exact consumption due to its supreme measuring accuracy.

MULTICAL 601& ULTRAFLOW 14 Cooling D ATA s h e e T Moisture resistant flowpart [email protected] com www. kamstrup. com MULTICAL MULTICAL 601 is available with battery supply, 230 VAC mains module, or 24 VAC mains module. The supply modules The battery supply may only be replaced by a corresponding lithium battery with connector from Kamstrup AS. 3. the flow sensor is supplied by the calculator.

The battery cannot and must not be charged and must not be shortcircuited. MULTICAL 403 is a thermal energy meter with support for remote reading. Reduce your stock and save time on installations with onsite configuration. Kamstrup offers modules with Modbus, BACnet, Mbus, wireless Mbus and analogue outputs.

By using MBus, the meter obtains a battery lifetime of up to 16 years with meter readings via the Installation& User Guide Multical 801 MULTICAL 801 www. kamstrup. com. MULTICAL 801 Energy metering MULTICAL 801 functions in the following way: The flow sensor registrates how many m (cubic metres) of 5.

1 Backup battery MULTICAL 801 includes a backup battery Kamstrup Multical Heat& Cooling Energy Meters. Free life time support and customer service, exclusively from Stockshed. UK sales, distributor and stockist Battery backup 3. 65 VDC, 2 batteries Acell lithium We currently develop new functions and modules for MULTICAL 801.

Please contact Kamstrup AS if your application is not covered by the variants shown. 3. 1 Type and programming overview TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION MULTICAL 801 Technical Description MBus Slaves for MULTICAL 601 Kamstrup AS Industrivej 28, Stilling Master and after receiving manual calls from MULTICAL (RTC Real Time Clock) with own battery supply which is used as backup for the clock in MULTICAL Battery for replacement: Kamstrup type MULTICAL 801 can be connected to flow sensor type ULTRAFLOW, electronic pickup unit, flow sensor with reed switch output or a

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