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Start studying DTS. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Receipts are mandatory for all expenses of 75 or more and most lodging expenses. They must ensure data entered in DTS matches data supplied by traveler.

Place a check in the box next to the appropriate authorization(s), then select. Add. at the bottom of the screen.

Enter any Processing Manual (DPM). Log On to DTS. 1. Insert your CAC into the reader. 2. Access the DTS Home page: expenses are entered. 5. Select Save Expenses. 6. Select Mileage from the subnavigation bar. 7. Defense Travel System REruRN TO LIST Other Authorizations Itinerary preview Travel Expenses Other Auths. Ao: ounting Add itional Op tons Rev Sign Digital Signature The fNowing are the additional authorizations that were selected based on the trip details.

Enter comments to your Approving Official in the 'Remarks' boxes provided. Featuring the best practices in industry and plugandplay components, Defense Travel System streamlines the entire process involved in A value that was manually entered in the Rate box in the Project Timesheet through the RateAmount Entry (TM.

PTA. 00) screen is unexpectedly changed back to the default value in Microsoft Dynamics SL Ensure all foreseeable expenses are entered. Meals and incidental expense are combined as one expense. A reason code must be selected for booking lodging outside of DTS and a comment must be in the box.

Pre Audit. All comment boxes must be filled. Digital Signature. Home RSS Feeds Beware of ManuallyEntered Expenses (For Distribution to AOs) Beware of ManuallyEntered Expenses (For Distribution to AOs) Bottomline up front (BLUF): Be very skeptical if you see a DTS travel document that comes to you with a manuallyentered expense.

Chapter 9: Constructed Travel DTS Release. 24, Document Processing Manual, Version Updated Page 93 enter any amounts in the Worksheet fields or check the Approve as Limited box. 9. 4 Constructed Travel Worksheet Complete the authorization and enter the expenses associated with your preferred travel mode. 2. Enter Mileage Expense 1011. 7. Enter Non Mileage Expense 12.

8. Review and Sign Your Authorization 13. Check box for DTS to create a return trip. G. Click on DoD Table of Distances.

G. F. E. CREATE A NEW AUTHORIZATION This message in the text box should be retained, and it is highly recommended to add specific comments related to the point of origin, destination, and preferred flight times. ticket information must be manually entered into the system.

The Possible excessive expense preaudit flag will appear whenever an expense exceeds a DTS MCO 4650. 39 Defense Travel System Reimbursement of nonetravel related expenses (BAH, cell phones, pet boarding fees, meals, car repairs, traveler to the GOVCC account before the DTS.

disbursement was paid. Enter an amount into the Less Prev Pmts to GOVCC (By Traveler)field. incurred by making reservations in DTS. These expenses automatically populateas separate line items. You cannot manually add an expense in the Reservation Expenses area in any authorization, you must manually enter expenses.

The voucher initially displays expenses from the approved authorization. On all documents, you can add,

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