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The plasma technology provides several varieties for surface treatment. Some of the applications are cleaning of contaminated devices, plasma activation of plastic parts, etching of PTFE, silicon and coating of layers similar to PTFE. That is why this plasma technology is used for various applications, where materials have to be combined or where surfaces need special modification. Consult Diener electronic's FEMTO brochure on DirectIndustry.

Page: 12 Gas plasma treatment is a proven standard for controlled substrate surface cleaning, adhesion promotion and thin film coatings. It enables higher throughput, greater consistency, and cost reductions compared to manual operations. Plasma eliminates wet chemistry operations and primers, and is embraced by industry as an environmentallyclean technology.

Prospekt FEMTO (PDF 1007 KB) All plasma systems can be combined in the most diverse variations. The following overview is a help to get an overview of the most usual plasma systems. The 2. 6litre ZEPTO LOW COST PLASMA LABORATORY UNIT with manual, PC and PCCE control, is mainly used in the following areas: Small batch production Analytics (REM, TEM) Find the best deals on 29 DIENER ELECTRONIC Etchers Ashers, or send us a request for an item and we will contact you with matches available for sale.

FEMTO Users: Research and Development Archaeol ogy Medical Technology SmallScale Production Anay si Manual Operation Dimension: 100 mm, Depth 270 mm 1 Process Gas Dipl.

Ing. (FH) Christof Diener Germany SURFACE TECHNOLOGY. Find out all of the information about the Diener electronic product: plasma surface treatment machine PCcontrollable Tetra 120LFPC.

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The plasma technology provides several varieties for surface treatment. Because of that we manufacture plasma systems in different types (size, processes, control, ? ) Femto plasma system with door hinges for process development, cleaning, activation, etching in small batches Diener plasma systems The following provides an overview of the most common options in conjunction with Femto plasma systems.

Technical Data Width of treated area: up to max. 12 mm (0. 5 in) PC process visualisation with MSWindows Manual operation of the system with dialog box or Plasma ONOFF button Remote control through SUBD 25pins connector on the rear panel of the supply unit. Lowpressure plasma systems: Two and three dimensional parts are placed into a chamber which creates a vacuum and generates plasma. In addition, treatment of bulk goods, powder, semiconductors, and rolls of material is also possible in these plasma systems.

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