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Iskra MT174 88. 00GBP Inc MT174 Direct wire version is a polyphase multifunction meter used for measurement of active, active and reactive or active, reactive and apparent energy and demand in threephase four or threewire networks. Energy Measurement and Management Index: 10. Appendix I: MT174 meter in photovoltaic (PV) installations. 29 11. Appendix II: EDIS codes, data stored in Manual data display mode (by pressing the Scroll pushbutton) Optional data display when the meter is in Product Details.

The Iskra MT174 is an easy to install and cost effective MID approved kWh tariff meter. Iskraemeco MT174 Models: MT174CT 5A Current Transformer connected Technical Description. The MT171 has now Iskra mt174 manual dexterity superceded buy the MT174 follow this link.

Energy Measurement and Management. 3. MT171 Polyphase electronic meter. MT171 ThreePhase Electronic Meter. manual (trigerred with a key) Residential Meters. AM150; ME172; MT174 MT174 Perfect combination of high functionality and economic viability The Polyphase MT174 features an RS communication interface that enables automated meter reading and readies the meter for use in AMI systems.

Extensive antitampering functionalities provide maximum security for valuable metering data. 2 reviews for ISKRA MT174 Threephase multifunction electronic meter, without modem or sim card Energy Measurement and Management MT174 ThreePhase Static Electricity Multi Tariff Meter Energy Measurement and Management Manual scroll sequence remains displayed until the pushbutton is pressed again or until time for automatic Energy Measurement and Management.

MT830MT831 Industrial multifunction meter Installation manual Version 1. 3, MT830MT831 Installation manual MT174 Threephase Electricity Meter Technical Specification Author: David Spalding Revision: 0.

2 The MT174 is a polyphase multifunction meter supporting measurement of active, activereactive or Manual data display mode (by pressing the Scroll pushbutton) Costeffective solution for every household Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the three phase AM150 features a comprehensive functionality set and offers energy companies an excellent priceperformance ratio in its segment.

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COM Overview. The Iskra MT174D2 is an easy to install and cost effective MID approved kWh tariff meter. Features. Economy 7 Tariff capabilities; MIDOFGEM Approved

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