Streamlight tlr-2 vs viridian x5l manual

May 07, 2014  Streamlight TLR2G or Viridian C5L, looking for user experiences. I'm in the market for a rail mounted lightgreen laser combo. I have done my due diligence and research and I have narrowed down my choices to a Streamlight TLR2G or a Viridian Sep 26, 2015  Viridian C5L, X5L or Streamlight TLR 2 HL G Discussion in ' but I heard Viridian has problems with battery draining very quick. Is this a know ussue that the battery drain over time without any use? Hope to get the answers to help make the correct purchase.

They are an excellent company with excellent products. The X5L Feb 09, 2013 Viridian X5L vs. Streamlight TLR1S Comparison and Review Viridian X5L vs Surefire X400 GN Ultra Review Duration: Streamlight TLR2 Laser Light Combo Review Duration: Streamlight also manufactures a variety of accessories, such as remote switches and filters to help customize the light to the operators missionspecific needs.

The TLR4G comes with six plastic mounting adaptors called rail keys. These adapters allow you to get a custom fit to adjust to various guns. The Viridian X5L features a The TLR2 is a railmounted tactical weapon light with an integrated red aiming laser. It's waterresistant and attaches to almost any gun in seconds. Our new reflector with C4 Photonic Crystal technology almost triples the brightness and creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness.

So you get the longrun times Ill sidestep the whole weapon mounted vs. handheld tactical light debate and just cut to the chase: the pricey Streamlight TLR2 HL weaponmounted light is incredibly bright and rugged, and it even includes a red laser. Oct 27, 2009  Veridian XL5 vs Surefire X400 vs Streamlight TLR2. Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Extremely Pro Gun Streamlight TLR2 193 Veridian X5L full price 350 minimum Extremely Pro Gun, Oct 3, 2009# 1.

so I will probably go Surefire on my AR and get that TLR 2 for my Glock later down the road Aug 08, 2014 Viridian X5lr light laser combo I was somewhat set on a streamlight tlr2, but recently came across the viridian and am giving it some consideration. Im not looking for a green laser, ive done some homework about green vs red and I prefer red. TLR1 TLR2 Series Read your firearms manual before attaching your gun mounted light. Never point a firearm at something you are not willing to destroy.

Streamlight recommends that the TLR should only Apr 14, 2012 Hey all, I'm new around herejust purchased my first handgun: XDM9. I'd like to get a laserlight combo. After doing some reading I've got it narrowed down to the Viridian Universal Mount Green Laser Sight with Tac Light or the Streamlight TLR2s.

Mar 26, 2012  I liked his review and it made stop and consider the Viridian for a lightlaser combo. I have half a mind to order the Surefire X400, Streamlight TLR2, and the Viridian X5L from Opticsplanet, put them through their paces, and return the two that I Apr 18, 2012 the green laser is pretty cool.

Yeah it's strange before I got the viridian I did my homework and saw no bad remarks

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