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The LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument is designed for in vitro diagnostic applications in combination with the LightCycler reagent kits manufactured by Roche and labeled for diagnostic purposes (according to the workflow described in the package insert of the respective LightCycler reagent kit).

Benefit from Roche's experience in realtime PCR and achieve precise, LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument conforms to the European directive for in vitro diagnostic medical devices 9879EC. For in vitro diagnostic use. Learn More qPCR Reagents. Designed to maximize the performance of your system. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K LightCycler 480 Instrument Operators Manual Software Version 1. 5 LC Carousel Centrifuge 2. 0 Operators Manual, Version 3.

0 August 2012 Roche will repair free of charge any instrument covered by this warranty. Warranty work Use the LC Carousel Centrifuge 2. 0 only for centrifugation of LightCycler The New LightCycler 96 RealTime PCR System.

What if you had the power to get your qPCR data fast, reliably and with less effort? Well, now you can. The result of more than a decade of Roche experience developing The LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument offers fast, reproducible results with realtime, online PCR. View features, specifications, documentation, and accessories. Access the Roche product documentation library to view information, manuals and guides for Roche Diagnostics systems and assays. Roche Diagnostics USA; Roche.

com Site Map Contact Sign in to My Account Roche. Home; Products LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument Roche Diagnostics USA The LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument allows you to monitor amplification of 32 PCR products simultaneously, in realtime and online, with six different detection channels in multiplex experiments.

The LightCycler Software 4. 1 collects fluorescence data from all six channels at each cycle and displays it immediately, enabling you to terminate PCR runs early if signal levels are adequate, or Light Cycler Service Manual Final 1.

0 January1999 Page 3 Chapter 1. Marks of Conformity The LightCycler. TM. has been manufactured in accordance with EN The LightCycler Instrument of Roche Molecular Biochemicals, Mannheim, Ge rmany, is a thermocycler for the rapid analysis of PCR applications.

2. if Roche Diagnostics GmbH is unable to deliver replacement program 1 LightCycler Operators Manual 1 LightCycler Software Package1 Cable to connect LightCycler Instrument to the This LightCycler 480 Instrument Quick Guide is printed in the US. Additional copies of this document can be obtained by sending a message to: 8 LightCycler 2. 0 Instrument Operators Manual, Software Version 4.

1 Manual A: for in vitro diagnostic use IV. Warranty Information on warranty conditions are specified in the sales contract. Contact your Roche representative for further information.

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