Support equipment work unit code manual

Work Unit Code (WUC) Manual WUC manuals are provided for each There are WUC manuals provided for every type of aircraft and support equipment. The WUC manual is used as a maintenance aid and recording guide in conjunction with the Crew Station Manuals and InFlight Maintenance Manuals Crew station and inflight maintenance Air Force Manual (AFMAN), Management of Records, Order and Work Unit Code Reference Guide, and Calibration and Measurement Summary (CMS) TOs.

1. 4. Repair Network. The AFMETCAL program has been recognized as a Repair Network planning, support equipment integrated product development, and technical interchanges. Work unit code manuals provide a listing of assigned alphanumeric codes for identification of installed systems or equipment. Planned Maintenance System (PMS) Publications These publications provide a basis for planning, scheduling, and complying with scheduled maintenance requirements.

Work Unit Code Manual Air Force Due to the unique nature of the E9, no 06 work unit code (WUC) manual was created for this mission equipment work unit codes. This manual implements Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) support general Work Unit Codes (WUC), as required. Code Explanation for Support Equipment, Precision Measuring Equipment, and Aeronautical Expeditionary APPENDIX E. Maintenance Documentation Codes.

ACTION TAKEN (AT) CODES. identified by work unit codes (WUC) and are normally a connecting or attaching link between two or more This manual has been prepared in two chapters; Chapter 1 contains Work Unit Code Noun Designation Index listings for the weapon system, and support equipment peculiar to the weapon system.

MAINTENANCE AND MATERIAL MANAGEMENT (3M) MANUAL LIST OF ACRONYMS A EIC Equipment Identification Code. E3 TSU TYCOM Support Unit TYCOM Type Commander TYCOM REP Type Commander Representative.

APPENDIX E8 U UIC Unit Identification Code UND Urgency of Need Designator For consistent identification of system functions and equipment and for tracking failure modes, the contractor should adhere to a coding system based on the hardware breakdown structure, work unit code numbering system of the NAVAIR WUC Guide for Aeronautical Equipment, or other similar uniform numbering system.

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