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QUINTPS 1AC24DC40 en01 PHOENIX CONTACT 3 Description Type Order No. Pcs. Pkt. 24 V DC40 A DIN rail power supply unit, QUINTPS 1AC24DC10 Order No. : QUINT POWER power supply units Maximum system availability with SFB technology 2 kV AC (routine test) Degree of protection IP20 Protection class I MTBF (IEC, SN ) Overview. Phoenix Contact's QUINT Series UPS with IQ technology that optimizes battery use and ensures maximum system availability. Charging state and remaining runtime of the power storage device are displayed and easily viewed.

The UPS knows the remaining life expectancy of the battery so there is an early warning before a system QUINT POWER Power Supplies Phoenix Contact's QUINT POWER ACDC converters feature exceedingly high functionality and predictive maintenance Phoenix Contact's technology in their QUINT POWER power supply delivers precise, realtime monitoring, near field communications (NFC) configurability, and a long list of applicationworthy Power supply unit QUINT4PS3AC24DC20 Please be informed that the data shown in this PDF Document is generated from our Online Catalog.

Please find the complete data in the user's QUINTDCUPS uninterruptible power supply units with longlife leadacid batteries provide long buffer times at high currents. Even in the event of a longer quality test (once a week), charging, and Primaryswitched QUINT POWER power supply with free choice of output characteristic curve, SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology, and NFC interface, input: 1phase, output: 12 V DC15 A Downloads Technical data L1 () L2 L3 () PE 13 II N OK DC 14 Inhalt 97 Breite skaliert Description Type Order No.

Pcs. Pkt. Power supply unit, primary switchedmode QUINTPS 3AC24DC 5 QUINT POWER power supply units highest system availability due to SFB technology 2 kV AC (routine test) Degree of protection IP20 Class of protection I, with PE connection QUINTPS1AC24DC10 Order No.

: PHOENIX CONTACT Inc.USA Page 5 7 Tightening torque, min 0. 5 Nm Tightening torque max 0. 6 Nm Screw Quint DC UPS manual. Uploaded by Zain Ahmed Malik. Related Interests. Power Supply; Uninterruptible Power Supply Unitfor Universal Use. QUINTDCUPS24DC20 1. Short Description Testing the Battery Module A quality test is carried out on the battery module once a week and its presence is verified every minute.

QUINTPS 1AC24DC20 en04 PHOENIX CONTACT 3 Description Type Order No. Pcs. Pkt. Primaryswitched power supply with SF B User Manual SYS POWER SUPPLY UM E. Designation: Revision: Order No. : This manual is valid for: INTERFACE 5598en03 PHOENIX CONTACT Power Supply Units SYS POWER SUPPLY UM E 03 27 45 85 5 All power supply units of the types QUINT POWER, MINI POWER, and STEP POWER User Manual. SYS POWER SUPPLY UM E This manual The reliability of a power supply determines the by the approval of all QUINT POWER units with 24 V output voltage by Germanischer Lloyd.

Power Supply, Primary Switch Mode for Universal Use (type test)2 kV AC (routine test) 3. 5 kV AC (type test)2 kV AC (routine test) May 16, 2016  Know precisely when youre approaching failure with our new fourthgeneration QUINT POWER power supply.

The new technology in QUINT POWER delivers precise, Primaryswitched QUINT POWER power supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, input: 1phase, output: 24 V DC40 A

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