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Sep 26, 2017  GIK Acoustics originally launched its Alpha Series (4A Alpha Panels: 23 x 23, 316box of 4; 23 x 45. 5, 246box of two) panels two years ago, giving the company a foothold in a product category that offers both diffusion and absorption in GiK Acoustics Room Kit Package It sounds so utilitarian Room Kit Package 3 could be something Winston Smith might receive from the Ministry of Plenty in exchange for a smaller Victory Gin ration in Orwells Nineteen EightyFour.

Home News Reviews GIK Acoustics Acoustic Panels. Login Join. Join with Facebook GIK Acoustics Room Kit Package# 1. 4. 75 out of 5, based on 4 Reviews. GIK Acoustic panels made Gik acoustics installation manual great improvement to my home project studio. I recently purchased several different GIK Acoustics products and I am very happy.

GIK Acoustics Oct 23, 2015  GIK Acoustics is excited to introduce the Alpha Wood Series. A new line of acoustic panels and bass traps with a wood Jun 18, 2015  Review: GIK Acoustics. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by JoeyCorleone, Jun 9, 2015. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. and I got in touch with GIK and filled out a form on their website after reading some great reviews about their service and products.

Bryan Pape was the engineer assigned to me, and GIK ACOUSTICS: 4 is a good minimum thickness and should perform to under 100Hz. thicker is better if you have enough material. In unusually shaped rooms, this listening test is useful to find the bass buildups.

check all the corners and the slanted surfaces, and any area with a bass buildup should get bass traps as thick as possible. GIK Acoustics manufactures bass traps, acoustic panels and diffusors for home theatres, recording studios, restaurants, listening rooms and auditoriums.

Feb 20, 2009 GIK acoustic panels VS DIY? ? ? GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap Slate Digital The Monster New Reply. Facebook Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits include: The ability to reply to and create new discussions; Access to membersonly giveaways& competitions; Detailed instructions and images to mount the GIK Soffit Bass Trap to the wall. Here are a few links to GIK Acoustics press reviews and features from magazines and forums. Customize your panels The GIK Acoustics 2A Alpha Panel is the thinnest of the Alpha Series, and features an aesthetically and acoustically superior acoustic panel that provides a combination diffusion and absorption.

Made with rigid fiberglass absorption material wrapped in your choice of fabric, and finished with an attractive plate which Order Direct GIK Acoustics manufactures bass traps, acoustic panels and acoustic diffusion for home theaters, recording studios, restaurants, listening rooms and auditoriums.

5Star Rated from 500 reviews for our acoustic treatment panels and acoustic room treatments. GIK manufactures the highest quality acoustic panels and

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