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aptcacher caching proxy for Debian packages SYNOPSIS Aptcacher is a caching proxy for Debian packages, allowing a number of computers to share a single cache. Packages requested from the cache only need to be downloaded from the Debian mirrors once, no matter how many local machines need to install them. This manual page AptCacher NG What is it? A caching proxy. Specialized for package files from Linux distributors, primarily for Debian (and Debian based) distributions but not limited to those.

For more information on AptCacher NG, read the User Manual which can be found either in the Apt cacher ng manual meat directory of the software source package or installed in the documentation directory of aptcacherng by your distribution. Jan 04, 2010  AptCacherNG is a much superior program to AptCacher, much lighter on system resources.

Ill be doing a post on how to set it up this week, but in the mean time, this link should provide all the information you need. AptCacherNG User Manual. AptCacher NG is a caching proxy for software packages which are downloaded by UnixLinux system distribution mechanisms from mirror servers accessible via HTTP.

Feb 13, 2011 AptCacherNG is an apt proxy. It caches the packages you download locally each time you update your system. It caches the packages you download locally each time you update your system. Why bother you might ask? AptCacherng is a software package that keeps a cache, on the disk, of DebianUbuntu Packages and Release files.

When an aptget like client issues a request for a file, AptCacher intercepts it and if the file is already cached it serves it to the client immediately, otherwise it fetches the file In general, this is best implemented when AptCacherNG runs on a central server. AptCacherNG also has a number of nice options, accessed via a web interface, which allow you to tally usages, scan and add packages, and more.

Now, down to the meat! Install AptCacherNG using apt. 1.

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